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September 2023
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#WomeninGH is a new group that aims to empower women leadership in global health. Despite the large number of women in public health programs and the global health workforce, it is rare to see women equally represented on panels or in leadership roles. This episode features Roopa Dhatt and Caity Jackson, two of the co-founders of #WomeninGH.  

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Leaders from Young Professionals in Foreign Policy (YPFP) discuss observations and takeaways on getting started -- and advancing -- in foreign affairs. 

This session is an audio recording for The Huddle for Gobal Change

The panel includes:

  • Gary Barnabo -- management consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton, past president of YPFP (March 2012-March 2015), member of the Board of Directors of Sister Cities International, a nonprofit established by President Eisenhower.
  • Elizabeth Cutler -- project associate with DAI where she provides home office support to USAID-funded projects in Asia. At the time of this discussion, she was the acting president of YPFP. Previously, she was a recruiter for the Afghanistan portfolio at DAI, during which time she spent 3 weeks in northern Afghanistan training local staff.
  • Joshua Marcuse -- founder and chairman of YPFP. Marcuse serves as senior adviser for policy innovation in the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy. He is also an adjunct fellow at the Center for Strategic & International Studies and is in the 2015 Next Generation National Security Leaders Program at the Center for a New American Security.
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In this special episode of Pangea, brought to you in partnership with the Council of American Ambassadors and the Meridian International Center, Ambassador John Maisto, who served as U.S. ambassador to Nicaragua and Venezuela under President Bill Clinton, shares observations from his recent trip to Cuba. 

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Todd Carmichael is that star of the Travel Channel show “Dangerous Grounds,” which sheds light on the places where coffee beans come from. The show documents Carmichael's coffee sourcing expeditions, which often take him to politically unstable and conflict-ridden areas in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

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Alexis Grant, an entrepreneurial writer and digital strategist, discusses how she managed to leave her job as a reporter to travel through Africa. Alexis wrote about her experience in the ebook, "How to Take a Career Break to Travel" where she also provides step-by-step planning advice for how to make your dream trip happen.

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It has been six months since journalist Tom Paulson (@tompaulson) took Humanosphere independent (more on that here). As one of the few blogs devoted to covering global health, development and humanitarian issues, its sustainability is of great interest to the community of readers who know it and consume it every day.

So I checked in with Tom to see how his non-profit enterprise is going and what the next six months might look like, and frankly, his responses might be a little worrying to Humanosphere fans (hey, it's challenging to find the time to do journalism AND run an organization).

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The story of Guor Marial -- the South Sudanese runner who competed as an independent athlete at last summer's Olympic Games in London -- is nothing short of amazing. So it's easy to see why Guor's journey caught the eye of Bill Gallagher, a film producer. 

Now on the heels of a successful Kickstarter campaign, Bill along with Tom Law, an associate editor of the Sudan Tribune, are creating a documentary about Guor's burgeoning running career that will include a visit back to Guor's home in South Sudan -- a country he has not visited in 20 years. 

In the interview, Bill and Tom discuss their project and examine the perspectives they bring to the creation of this film. 

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What's it like to take a year off from a grueling medical school residency program and trade your scalpel for a reporter's notebook?

If nothing else, it's a shift in perspective.

Last May, Kristina Krohn, an Internal Medicine and Pediatrics resident at the University of Minnesota Medical School, hung up her white coat to explore the ever-changing world of global health news coverage and communication. Kristina was selected to be a Stanford-NBC News Fellow in Media and Global Health.

As her fellowship winds down (next year's fellow has already been announced), I chatted with Kristina about her experience -- the highlights (one-on-one time with Nancy Snyderman), and what she's learned so far. We also discussed her interest in media and how her time in the newsroom might affect her approach in the emergency room when she returns to her residency program soon.

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An interview with Tom Murphy of A View From the Cave and UN Dispatch's Mark Goldberg. Tom and Mark discuss how they started covering humanitarian issues and the Development and Aid World News Service. 

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Interview with Tate Watkins who is based in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. 

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An interview with FastForward Health Co-Founders Andre Blackman of Pulse + Signal and David Haddad of Open mHealth. 

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An interview with Bilaal Ahmed, founder of DC Linktank. 

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An interview with global health blogger Alanna Shaikh. 

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An interview with John Donelly about his book, "A Twist of Faith."

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A chat with 99 Under 33 Selection Committee Co-Chairs Josh Marcuse and Ana C. Rold.

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Hanna Ingber, breaking news and social media editor for GlobalPost, talks about a recently launched Twitter series, in which correspondents from around the globe take over the @GlobalPost account for a day and tweet about travels and/or daily activities.

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